arena project

We contribute our little help

At Carlos Silva we create elevators designed to make people’s lives more comfortable and easier.

This time to continue with our mission and illusion of improving people’s day to day, we wanted to collaborate in a solidarity project..

The Arena project, a special action, to ensure a better future for children under the guardianship of the Indigo Association, who live in risky conditions in Kenya, specifically in a shelter on Mfangano Island.

In order to create a better and more advantageous future for these children, the Arena Project is based on the construction of 2 classrooms that are totally necessary and required by the government for children in grades 5 and 6 (equivalent to 5th and 6th grade).

It is an act that makes us especially excited, to provide our little help and contribute to change.

For this reason, from Carlos Silva we have contributed a donation of 10,000 euros to the Arena project..

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