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It is an M2M web platform for remote management of elevators equipped with control panels of Carlos Silva SA. It offers its users a safe and private environment from which to operate a complete lift park or from where to have technical access to specific lifts, all from any device with Internet connection (see conditions of use).

This platform is optimized for Chrome and Firefox browsers. For operational needs, this platform is divided into two interconnected sections (ARM module management and Lift maintenance) from which different actions can be carried out. 


2.1 ARM module management account creation and manager registry. This special user associates the ARM module with the chosen lift and determines the maintenance company that can access this lift. 
2.2 Lift data edition. These data are only relevant for M2CS operation (lift address, location time zone, etc.).
2.3 ARM module access PIN modification.


3.1 Creation of maintenance account and registry of maintenance company administrator. 

3.2 Registration and modification of maintenance users, with passwords and different profiles (administrator, supervisor, technical and basic). 

3.3 Organization of the lift park by groups. 

3.4 Inclusion of lifts in each group and change of group. 

3.5 Global display of the service status of the lift park according to configured groups. 

3.6 Reception of notices by mail by the users of the group in case of failure of an elevator. 

3.7 Technical actions in each lift according to the user profile: 
● Query of the historical log of faults and events.
● Real-time monitoring.
● Query and edition of controller parameters.
● Parameters backup and restore.
● Invitation to support technicians.


4.1 The use of the M2CS platform is subject to the general conditions regarding liability for access and use of the services of Carlos Silva SA (see legal notice). In particular, Carlos Silva SA declines all responsibility for the loss of passwords or other information on the part of the user and in no case offers any service of recovery of data except those contemplated in the own platform M2CS. 

4.2 The names of entities, users and lifts, are considered operational information of the platform; may be anonymous; in no case does Carlos Silva SA carry out any verification of truthfulness and are subject to the regulation on personal data protection (see legal notice). 
4.3 The internal technical data from the control systems manufactured by Carlos Silva SA are owned by Carlos Silva SA and are subject to industrial property rights (see legal notice). This technical information is intended to improve the tasks of technical assistance, configuration and maintenance of lifts and the users of the M2CS platform are entitled to use this information under the copyright of Carlos Silva SA (see legal notice). 
4.4 In order to use the M2CS platform, it is necessary and sufficient to have the SN and PIN of the control CPU boards and the ARM modules, both included in the documentation supplied by Carlos Silva SA in these products. The PINs can be changed later by those who are registered in M2CS as administrators or managers. In case of loss of the initial information, Carlos Silva SA will only issue duplicates to the buyer and strictly following the distribution chain. But Carlos Silva SA has no means to know the new PINs if they have been modified and declines all responsibility for problems arising from the negligent use of this information by its legitimate owners.

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