HIDRA Crono control system and cabin kit adapted to modernize elevators with a machine room and one or two-speed asynchronous motor with manual mechanical rescue. This set makes it possible to take advantage of the existing installation in the shaft and the flat cable (28 wires) and provides smooth movement to the lift, stop accuracy +/- 1cm (new regulations for  existing lifts in old buildings) and reduced consumption.

With all the HIDRA Chono features:

  • High energy efficiency with several options to reduce consumption at rest.
  • Parameterization of all functions with removable consoles CPU and VVVF (optional).
  • Firmware update via SD card.
  • Optional 2.8”, 5.6”, 7” and 10” TFT displays in the cabin and on the landing.
  • Optional emergency call device.
  • M2CS remote management service with the optional ARM module for IoT connection to the cloud.

Optionally, we supply the flat trailing cable with a kit of terminals and supports, the shielded power cable for the motor and shaft lighting.



HIDRA Crono MR-R-VF control system

  • According to EN81-1 (not A3 nor either EN 81-20).
  • 230 Vac II, 230 Vac III o 400 Vac III.
  • VVVF Fuji or Control Techniques.
  • Brake selection at 60, 110 or 190 Vdc.
  • Registration lights at 24Vdc.
  • “Arrows” (and optional “door open” light) by voltage-free contact.
  • Cabinet of 800 x 600 x 250 cm RAL 7035 Powers up to 7.5Kw (for other powers consult).
  • Up to 16 selective stops downhill or 8 selective stops up and down.
  • Stop accuracy +/- 10mm (new regulations for  existing lifts in old buildings) – may require encoder on motor.
  • Optional HIDRA Crono and VVVF consoles.
  • Optional M2CS remote management.



    M2CS remote management service: SaaS web application for mobile terminals or PCs with Internet and Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers. Remote configuration console; real-time monitor; notifications of breakdowns and incidents; historical analysis of elevator events; tasks scheduled by time and trips; and backup of elevator parameters.

    ARM Module

    Gate series, loosening, at 48Vac. 

    Cabin refurbishment kit

    Pre-wired cab roof box

        • Simple or double boarding with VF5 or single-phase operator.
        • 230Vac socket and timed cabin light.
        • Siren, battery and bottom and ceiling buttons.
        • Inspection button.
        • Prepared for weighing scale at 230Vac or 24Vdc.
        • Prepared for photoelectric barrier at 230Vac or 24Vdc.
        • Gate series, loosening, at 48Vac.

    Button panel

        • Up to 16 stops with cables and connectors included.
        • 24Vdc call registration pushbuttons and lights.
        • Push button “open doors” and “alarm”.
        • Connections for emergency panel and TFT display.

    Kit of position elements, magnets and fittings

      Pre-wired cab roof box

      Button panel

      Position elements

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