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ARM module firmware updates are related to connectivity options with Vodafone or other roaming operators and, as users, you are unlikely to see any changes except in the form of improved performance. In no case do these updates affect the elevator information or how this information is displayed on M2CS.

The update process takes place at the time of validation of the module and will take a few minutes, during which you cannot disconnect the ARM module and should ensure the maximum possible coverage, taking into account the NOTE ON CONNECTIVITY.

Some M2CS enhancements may require firmware upgrades to ARM modules already installed. If this happens, M2CS will tell you if any ARM module needs to be updated and to update it to the latest firmware version available, simply re-validate the ARM module and follow the M2CS instructions.

To force a new validation:

1) Enter ARM Module Management.

2) From the LIFTS tab, delete the maintenance identifier; save; re-enter the maintenance identifier; and save again.

3) Go to Elevator Maintenance and validate the ARM modules pending validation.





We have received several reports of ARM-M2CS connectivity problems and in most of them, we observed the ARM module installed inside metal cabinets and frames. This practice prevents theft of the module, but very negatively affects its emitted RF signal.

We strongly urge you to follow the instructions in our installation guide about moving the module a minimum of 1m away from metal surfaces, power cables and other interfering equipment, and this includes inside metal cabinets. Note that under very favorable coverage conditions, the module may be able to operate attached to or even inside a metal cabinet, but more often than not, under these conditions, it will not have good connectivity. Therefore, it is not enough for the SIGNAL LED to be AMBER or GREEN, the module must also meet the above distance conditions.

We remind you that if the supplied 5 meter cable is not enough, we can supply a longer cable. And if you do not get good coverage, you can also use an Ethernet connection if available.

NOTE: The indication on the SIGNAL LED of the ARM module is only indicative and measures the signal received by the module emitted from the communications tower of the telephone operator. This indication is only valid if the module is located in free space, since we assume that if sufficient signal is received from the tower, the tower will also receive sufficient signal from the module. But if you place the module near metallic surfaces or even inside metallic cabinets, it is possible that the module receives enough signal, but it is very likely that the metallic structure prevents the signal emitted by the module from reaching the antenna of the communication tower, making communication impossible. In addition, the lower the signal level, the greater the effect of atmospheric conditions.




We are pleased to announce that Carlos Silva, SAU is a 21/22 collaborating partner of the “Federación Empresarial Española de Ascensores”.





Thank you for trusting us all this time!




If you already have ARM modules, follow the steps in the video to manage the renewal of your ARM modules.




Carlos Silva – Personalizaed, full package solutions, for elevators/platforms.

Click on the image to the left to see the full ad.


Training in Carlos Silva, S.A.

Since the beginning of the year CARLOS SILVA S.A. teaches training courses for the new EVO controller. This controller is specially designed for the management of platforms for people with reduced mobility and home lift.

The EVO controller incorporates the latest advances in technology, fully parameterizable, remote control, modular pre-installation, module with PLC functions etc.

Software PLC

From firmware version 5.0 of Hidra Crono controller and firmware versión 1.0 of KDT-EVO controller, an optional PLC (Programmable logic controller) feature allows for the implementation of special functions in a fast and easy way.

With this functionality is possible to provide the lift of practically any specific requirements of the installation without the need of external elements of control and additional wiring.
For further information about this feature, please visit the following link.

Twitter in our elevators

From now on, HIDRA Crono and KDT Evo installations, using the M2CS telemetry, may offer to their customers the possibility to make their lifts interact with Twitter social media.

This functionality of the CARLOS SILVA’s controllers, will allow his twitter followers to learn curious facts about the elevators that until now nobody had asked.

This will change the perception users have about elevators, from being unknown to became a device with a technological advanced artificial intelligence.

We encourage you to follow @halllift01, in Twitter, interact with it, and help us improve its AI…


Online access to frequency inverter parameters

With our future version 9 of HIDRA Crono firmware, our customers will be able to read and write drive parameters using our web-based telemetry platform, M2CS.

This new functionality will considerably ease the maintenance of elevators, since all the adjustment can be done remotely by qualified personnel without the need of displacements.

In addition, it will allow to create a backup of the drive parameters, and save them remotely, either in the cloud or PC. This will enhance a quick restore to a new drive in the event of a possible future replacement.


Carlos Silva will be present at INTERLIFT 2019 – The World of Elevators

Interlift is one of the most important worldwide elevators fairs.

The exhibitors present the latest innovations in products and technologies for elevators.

From Tuesday 15 to Friday 18 October 2019, Germany, Augsburg (venue: Messezentrum Augsburg)

You can find us in l hall 1 – stand 1141


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