We will be at Interlift 2023!!!

🌏 Carlos Silva will be present at the world’s leading trade fair for elevators that will take place from October 17 to October 20.
👉 We have worked very hard to be there. We are excited to show the best of ourselves and share with you everything we can do… together.💙
We will be waiting for you in Hall 7 Stand 7074!!! 👋



What’s new in M2CS 2.1

If M2CS 2.0 focused the changes on tools to help lift maintenance companies in their functions, 𝗠𝟮𝗖𝗦 𝟮.𝟭 aims to provide maintenance companies with tools to reach end users (neighborhood communities, residents or other users who frequently use the same lift and wish to be informed of its status). With these tools, maintenance companies that want to use them will be able to demonstrate to their customers the efficiency of their service.
✅ 1 – New tool for maintenance that allows you to record very quickly an intervention carried out on the lift to facilitate future cause-effect analysis.
✅ 2 – Tool for the neighborhood community, residents or frequent users, in the form of a web application that will allow the user to be informed of the state of the lift and the interventions carried out by the maintenance company.
✅ 3 – Lift usage report: journeys made, service rate, maintenance interventions, usage per floor.



Control system for refurbishments?

Of course!,  

The same HIDRA Crono technology with its usual features, but prepared to maintain the existing shaft installation

HIDRA Crono control system and cabin kit adapted to modernize elevators with a machine room and one or two-speed asynchronous motor with manual mechanical rescue. This set makes it possible to take advantage of the existing installation in the shaft and the flat cable (28 wires) and provides smooth movement to the lift, stop accuracy +/- 1cm (new regulations for  existing lifts in old buildings) and reduced consumption.
With all the HIDRA Chono features:
  • High energy efficiency with several options to reduce consumption at rest.
  • Parameterization of all functions with removable consoles CPU and VVVF (optional).
  • Firmware update via SD card.
  • Optional 2.8”, 5.6”, 7” and 10” TFT displays in the cabin and on the landing.
  • Optional emergency call device.
  • M2CS remote management service with the optional ARM module for IoT connection to the cloud.
Optionally, we supply the flat trailing cable with a kit of terminals and supports, the shielded power cable for the motor and shaft lighting.




In the Events FILTER tab, all the different events that each lift has registered appear and we can mark the ones we want to analyze in the other views. But there are a lot of events and we don’t know what we are looking for… THIS ISANNOYING!!!!
Let’s be calm! The M2CS wizard simplifies our work in one click by selecting the type of events we want to analyze from the drop-down menu. This action automatically marks the event categories that correspond to the type of search. And with the categories marked, we can add or remove them at ourdiscretion.
Next, we can leave all the lift subsystems marked or leave only the ones we want to analyze. And M2CS has already selected all the events that meet our search criteria. Now we select the analysis period and the last day of the period and… APPLY… After a few seconds of waiting we can choose the view that best shows us what we want to see.
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Unboxing ARM module

Would you like to control your lift fleet from anywhere?Our ARM module allows you to remotely manage all elevators equipped with Carlos Silva control systems. In this video we show you an unboxing of our Carlos Silva ARM module.



10 years with HIDRA Crono

We are celebrating the tenth anniversary of the installation of the first HIDRA Crono control system in a twelve-stop neighborhood building and since then, 12,000 elevators around the world have been controlled by HIDRA Crono.
During these ten years our clients have installed elevators with HIDRA Crono control in all types of buildings and for us they all have something special, but there are some of which we are most proud of, such as the high-speed elevators installed in hospitals in Mexico; the six-fold in Switzerland in which the lifts are shared between a shopping center and a ski resort; the two elevators for shared use by people and robotic vehicles; a test tower at 4m/s; those installed in copper mines with an explosive environment and conductive dust; and elevators with Smart Building connection.Our vocation is to manufacture reliable and flexible control systems for all types of elevators, helping our customers to install elevators from simple to emblematic and together leaving a mark where no one has gone before.



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