KDT Evo Controller



Control type

·         Geared machine with, or without, encoder

·         Gearless motor

·         2 stage motor

·         Hydraulic pump with, or without, electronic valves

·         Hydraulic pump with PAWL device

SpeedAccording to local regulations
StopsUp to 8 stops

·         Plug & Play Connection between Control

·         Panel and Car Top Box

·         Plug & Play Connection between Car Top

·         Box and COP (Car Operating Panels)

·         Modular and Plug & Play shaft wiring


Cabin Communication

CAN Bus Communication between Control Panel and Car

Landing Communication

Pluggable Landing Modules

Shaft copying



Color TFT – 2.8” / 3.5” / 5.6”

Other displays controlled by binary/Gray/BCD signals

Voice Synthesizer

SAR or VSR (Multilanguage) – CARLOS SILVA’s devices

Rescue Operation

·       Traction

·         Manual Unbalancing rescue

·         Automatic Unbalancing, stops at the immediate, most favorable, landing

·         Automatic Energizing the motor to the nearest floor

·         Automatic Energizing the motor to the lowest or highest floor

·       Hydraulic

·         Automatic, downward to the immediate floor

·         Automatic, downward to the lowest floor

Programming I/O (virtual wires)

4 I/O available in Control Panel

6 I/O available in Car top box

Auto diagnostic Functions

Installation test thru random calls

Speed governor remote test/reset from Control panel or Car top box

Auto Test of brake monitoring contacts (Synchronous/Gearless)

Management of Hydraulic pumps with electronic valves

UCM Test and control

Security Valve (A3) Test

Test of final limit switches

Remote Management (M2M)

Remote monitoring


Downloadable operations LOG

Backup, in Cloud, and restore of the parameters

Graphical analyzes of installation characteristics

Automatic firmware downloads


Emergency alarm in car top box and COP

Emergency light in cabin

Emergency Auto dialer

Preinstallation and wiring

100% Plug and Play car and shaft installation

Customized lengths, either for in between floor cables trailing flex


·       EN 81-70 – Accessibility for disabled persons

·       EN 81-28 – Bidirectional communication, emergency Auto dialer.

·       EN 81-31- Accessible Goods-only Lifts

·       EN 81-41 – Stairlifts & Inclined Lifting Platforms

·       EN 81-41 – Vertical lifting platforms

·       The machinery directive 2006/42/CE


·         MicroSD firmware upload

·         Mounting mode (Moving only from a handheld inspection panel)

·         Ready to work with or without Car top box CPU (Home Lift or Goods only Lift)

·         Light in cabin with Customizable timer

·         Display with auto-off Customizable when the cabin Standby

·         Homing to defined floor

·         MicroSD records all events with date and time.

·         Advance door opening

·         Leveling with open or close door

·         Arrows Light

·         Accepted call indicator

·         Car position light indicator

·         Car here light indicator

·         Open door light indicator

·         Car busy light indicator

·         Overweight light indicator

·         Floor voice announcement

·         Operations counter

·         Programming console in, both, car top box or controller

·         Programmable temperature sensor in control panel

·         Control of two customizable doors operators in each floor:

o    Simple boarding

o    Double simultaneous boarding

o    Double selective boarding which allow to open both doors at same time

o    Double selective boarding which doesn’t allow open the two doors at same time

·         Door Standby mode selectable each floor.

·         Cam retiring ramp control

·         Security lock control

·         Door swing operator control

·         Password setting menu protection (Different access levels)

·         PLC Functions

o    32 programmable cells with 5 logical functions

o    32 temporary internal registers

o    8 permanent internal registers

o    8 Scales Type Set/Reset

o    32 virtual connections (could be directed to 1 input by menu)

o    4 timers with 5 different behaviors


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