Control system for slow lifts or goods lifts from 2 to 8 stops; 0.15m/s (standard) or higher, with universal pick-up and permanent in-cab or registered push (selectable) and special functions programmable by the installer. Single to double selective boarding, with electric locks, door opener arm or door operator. Electric anti-drift control and with all the electric and hydraulic motorisation options on the market. It has modular pre-installation of shaft and roof box in pre-wired cabin, complying with all the regulatory requirements of the sector (Directive 2006/42/CE, EN 81-41) and integrated in our M2CS IoT remote management platform.


Models according to their location in the shaft

MR Hydraulic

Control panel with reduced dimensions for maximum integration in a landing.


No Machine Room


500mm x 400mm x 200mm (Height,Width, Depth)


Control panel that includes control and power elements in a single floor-standing cabinet for mounting on a landing.


No Machine Room


2000mm x 450mm x 250mm (Height,Width, Depth)


Control panel for mounting in the landing door frame and power panel with protective casing for mounting in the elevator shaft. Available for standard frame sizes of 120mm and 150mm.


No Machine Room

Shaft inverter cabinet - 350mm x 650mm x 203mm (Height,Width, Depth)

Door frame control- - 1880mm x 120mm x (120-150)mm (Height,Width, Depth)

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