Visualization systems, communicators, testing stations


Display module

TFT Color 5,6″

Display module        

It incorporates acoustic signals of excess load, arrival gong, and call register according to EN81 / 70.
It works under the orders of the CCP with a HIDRA System controller or under the orders of the CMA controller module when it is totally independent from the control panel.
It is completely configurable: logo, announcements, plant and status messages, fixed and variable elements.

TFT 2,8″

Display module                    


   The indications for the next direction of travel and direction of travel are larger than the 40mm required by EN81 / 70.It works under the orders of the CPU with a HIDRA CRONO System controller or under the commands of the CMA controller module when it is totally independent from the control panel. 


Checking systems

Hydraulic and electric

Verification and test system


Carlos Silva S.A. facilitates test benches that allow reproducing all situations our controllers face during normal operation.
Through this test bench, a user can simulate, calls from the COP / LOP, series interruption during travels, failures of some power element, power cuts, force errors in a positioning element and a host of different tests.
They can also test different elements of the installation such as elevator machines, door operators, valve groups, photoelectric barriers and much more without the need for a real lift.
With this, our clients can provide exhaustive training to their installers and maintainers and reproduce any behavior observed in the installation.


Communication module


Bidirectional communication

Telephone communication module that allows communication between the cabin and the emergency call center, in case of emergency.



Data gateway             

GSM / GPRS digital communication gateway used to generate the telephone line used for emergency communications EN81-28 from the cabin with our SarPlusCom.




Hands-free intercom  


MK-793-99, is the approved hands-free intercom for TMB (METRO BARCELONA) communication networks with the option of adding the inductive loop for the hearing impaired.


Inductive loop amplifier module              


Inductive loop amplifier module to facilitate the accessibility of people with hearing disability, equipped with a hearing aid device.
Especially interconnectable to our SAR telephone equipment with which, apart from issuing the alarm information, broadcasts the cabin synthesis messages.

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